KnufKnuffels the webshop with various children product and great children gifts for pregnant ladies!

Kiddimoto helmets

These nice helmets from Kiddimoto are perfect for adventuring children!


Kiddimoto is widely on stock at for the actual prices find the items at through the link!

Jellycat - Best cuddletoys!

These beautiful cuddletoys from the worldwide know Jellycat brand are very soft and friendly.  Jellycat's cuddletoys are perfect for giving at a maternity party or just for your own kids! Many variations provided and on stock at For delivery times and prices you can visit there website!

Wubbanub Soothertoys!

These great soother cuddletoys are great for all baby's! With the Wubbanub you have the perfect combination of Soother and a soft plush toy, great for the baby's first explorations! 

The Wubbanub is availiable through us on in different variations!

Ewan the dreamsheep! 

This great parent help is the perfect gift for al pregnant ladies!


With Ewan the Dreamsheep you can give the little one a great sleeping time! You can find Ewan at


Ewan the Dreamsheep haves 2 different sound volumes and 4 tunes, the perfect red light can be turned of, so baby's also can use the sheep in the dark.


Check for delivery times and price the website!

Zazu Sam - The best sleep trainer on the market!

Zazu Sam – Sleeptrainer and nightlight in one
Do you also have the desire that your children sleep out the mornings just a little longer? That they dont stand next to your bed at six in the morning? And wouldnt it be great that they create a sleeping ritual? If you say YES, we have the solution for you and your sleep!


Most young children have sleeping disorders

Young children dont have the same knowlege of time as adults do, for young children the day starts when they open there eyes and stops when they close there eyes. This is EXACTLY what Zazu Sam is using!


Zazu Sam works for little children!

Zazu Sam uses children knowlege to create understanding that they can stand up or need to go to sleep, easy! Just with opening and closing the eyes at times that are totaly controled by the parents! We say HAPPY SLEEPING! Find your color at and get your nightsleep back!